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February 24th, 2013

J'ai eu une expérience bien étrange. J'allais au supermarché, j'étais à peine sorti du bâtiment, lorsqu'un homme qui avait arrêté sa voiture dans la rue m'interpella. "Excusez moi, est-ce que vous parlez italien ?". Il n'y avait personne d'autre dans la rue. Bon, j'étais trop curieux pour faire semblant que non. Je lui ai dit oui et je crois qu'il était si étonné par ma réponse que moi par sa demande. Il m'a raconté qu'il venait de travailler toute la semaine dans une exposition des marchandises, à quelques rues de ma maison effectivement. Il représentait la société Emporio Armani et il était là pour présenter des nouvelles montres de cette marque. Maintenant, il devait rentrer en Italie, mais pas forcément avec ses marchandises. Il m'a dit que c'étaient des échantillons et qu'on ne pouvait pas les vendre régulièrement. Alors, comme j'étais si sympa et que je parlais si bien l'italien en n'étant même pas italien (je lui ai dit ça), il aurait été bien heureux de m'offrir ses montres. Il m'en a montrées plusieurs, elles n'étaient pas mal effectivement. Il m'a dit "celle-ci vaut 700 euros, celle-là 400 euros". Il m'a dit qu'il voulait acheter des cadeaux à l'aéroport et si je voulais lui proposer 400 pour une, il m'aurait données toutes, c'est à dire six ou bien douze comme il y en avait deux sachets pleins.

J'ai pu lui dire que 400 cent euros pour une montre c'est du délire et qu'à la limite j'ai pu lui offrir 4 euro, mais je pensais qu'il se serait senti insulté et comme il était très sympa je n'ai rien dit. En revanche j'ai dit que je ne porte pas de montre depuis plus que 10 ans, donc ça ne m'intéresse pas du tout. Comme ça, on s'est dit adieux et il est parti dans sa voiture à matricule française.

Plus tard, j'ai réfléchi. Est-ce que c'était une arnaque ? Si ces montres valaient vraiment ce qu'il m'a dit, toutes ces marchandises dans sa voiture ont dû valoir des milliers d'euros. Alors pourquoi les offrir à un étranger ? Pourquoi ne pas les vendre lui même sur internet s'il n'y avait pas d'autres moyens ? Ça n'a aucun sens. Dans des circonstances semblables, je dis toujours non à quoi que ce soit parce que je n'arrive pas à faire les calculs sur le coup.

rovinato il

August 4th, 2012

Da alcuni giorni accedendo al sito con il browser Google Chrome si vede un'ammonizione dicendo che il sito sta diffondendo dei malware. In effetti scaricando delle pagine del sito si scopre che sono stati inseriti dei javascript provenienti dai domini stranieri che non sembrano assolutamente far parte del sito.

Direi che si tratta di un attacco in modalità sql injection, vale a dire un metodo noto per modificare i contenuti di un database senza ottenerne l'accesso diretto. Pare proprio che il database sia stato svuotato, perché l'indice del forum non fa vedere più niente. Invece le altre pagine del sito sembrano integre, il che lascia intendere che il malfattore non è stato in grado di ottenere l'accesso al server stesso.

Ad ogni modo è un peccato, perché il sito è stato sino ad ora una risorsa importante per molti studenti di lingue. Quando iniziai lo studio dell'italiano tre anni fa (che prosegue tutt'ora) ero completamente inesperto nello studio delle lingue. Poco a poco me ne sono fatto un'idea grazie agli utenti del forum che spiegavano sistematicamente come avevano fatto a studiare con efficacia.

L'attacco è senza dubbio una cosa grave, ma adesso mi chiedo se l'amministratore del sito abbia delle copie di sicurezza. Sennò sarà un'impresa rimettere a posto il sito.

"How a programmer reads your resume"

August 13th, 2010

tl;dr: Sometimes stereotypes are true.

I came across this rather excellent comic about how people see your resume depending on who they are and after glazing over it and appreciating it as one of my ~5-10 daily interweb funnies, I looked over it again and noticed that it's eerily accurate.


  1. Has written a compiler or OS for fun.
    That'd be a yes.
  2. Resume compiled from latex.
    Actually, from hand made xsl to latex. There was a time when I was all excited about single source publishing, so that's what I did here. Xml to html/pdf/txt. (Last time I checked the latex->html bridge was seriously lacking anyway.)
  3. Contributes to open source software.
  4. Has written compiler or OS for class.
  5. Has blog discussing programming topics.
    You're here.
  6. President of programming/robotics/engineering club.
  7. Participated in programming/robotics/engineering contest.
  8. Internship at Google or Microsoft.
    They know where to find me.
  9. Has written non-trivial programs in dynamic languages (perl/python/ruby).
  10. Knows 3 or more programming languages.
  11. Previous position demonstrates similar skills.
    Not really.
  12. Has internship.
  13. Founded a company.
    Only a pretend company, and we haven't been active for about 10 years.
  14. Personal web page uses Rails, PHP or Asp.Net.
    Been meaning to switch from PHP to Python, but there's just no pressing need for it.
  15. Email address at own domain.
    Not since 2005.
  16. Has modified programs in dynamic languages (perl/python/ruby).
    That's how I started out with dynamic web stuff in 1999, found perl scripts and tried to mod them without breaking them.
  17. Has personal web page.
  18. High grades, top of class, etc.


  1. Won scholarship.
    Have never applied for one.
  2. Lists job at fast food chain.
    Haven't had the pleasure.


  1. Looks kind of drunk in facebook picture.
    One of [apparently] few specimen in the human race who don't find unending ecstasy in alcohol.
  2. Has Ph.D.
    Not so much.
  3. Generic cover letter.
    Might be tempted.
  4. Mentions skills in Excel/Word.
    Over my dead body etc.
  5. Spelling or grammar errors on resume.
    My typing is a bit dodgy, but I tend to proofread.
  6. Resume font too small.
    Let's hope not.
  7. All programming experience in class.
  8. Knows only 1 programming language.
    Once upon a time.
  9. Resume more than three pages long.
    I try to make it in two.
  10. Includes irrelevant objective section.
    Never knew what the point was of that one.
  11. Took certification course in a technology.
    Never occurred to me.
  12. Low grades in relevant courses.
  13. Lists visual basic experience first.
    Don't have any.
  14. Topless in facebook picture.
    Only by mistake.
  15. Resume uses combination of tabs and spaces to indent sections.
    I'm clean, narc. (Actually, if you use Tab in vim with wildmenu, it's tricky to type a tab without a space first, because it will try to auto complete the current token. Haven't tried to fix that yet.)

un giorno lento

September 22nd, 2009

Oggi avevo mal di testa. Ecco perché non ho fatto molto. Ho lavorato un po', e poi ho fatto un giro sulla mia bicicletta. Quando sono tornato a casa avevo sempre il mal di testa, ma un po' meno. Poco dopo ho fatto alcuni esercizi di italiano del mio libro per imparare la lingua, e quindi mi sentivo meno male. Forse imparare l'italiano fa bene per il mal di testa?

Starbucks? Not all that it's cracked up to be

August 19th, 2009

So I went by Starbucks today. The line wasn't quite as long as I had seen it on previous occasions. I went in. What struck me right away was how noisy it was inside. Mind you they're located inside a busy train terminal, with nothing but a delimiting glass panel wall, so it's not going to be a quiet, cozy café. But they clearly had done nothing to insulate from the noise. Which is just as well, because most of it was coming from inside the Starbucks. There was music blasting, and five staffers yelling orders over the music. It was literally as noisy as MacDonalds on a busy day. So much for ambience, none of it. Those stories about people hanging out in a Starbucks - those places must be categorically different from this one.

As I was pondering this, the line advanced and soon I found myself making my order. And that's when I noticed how poorly organized the staffers were. First I made my order to the girl leaning over the cake counter. She proceeded to yell it down the line to the production division. Then I approached the cash register and had to repeat my order to another girl. "A large caffè latte." "Was it a venti?" "I have no idea, I said large." I refuse to speak their pretend language.  The girl who had taken the order chimed in to clarify. I forked over cash and, strangely enough, did not receive a receipt. Are they saving on paper?

That's when I got in line behind the six previous customers who were still waiting to get theirs. Clearly, they were backed up with orders.  My coffee was ready before all of theirs was. But the girl in production had no idea whom it was for, because there were no receipts to work from. The orders were filled, but how to match them with customers? So she asks every person in turn "what are you waiting for?" That was the third time I had to say my order.

All of this somehow distracted me from noticing the beating I took on the coffee. €3.95 for a large caffè latte? That's hilarious. At MacDonalds you can get a meal for a little over 5 bucks. Maybe they could justify the price if the café was a great place to hang out. Or if the coffee were especially good. Or if they were especially well organized and efficient.